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Wild Medicine

Aug 13, 2019

Dr. Ellen Wong has an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences, she is a Naturopathic Doctor, she does not only practice in Ontario but she also teaches at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. In this episode Dr. Ellen educates us on the Science of Happiness, she has travelled to the happiest place on Earth, Bhutan, which changed her perspective on how to live life completely Dr. Ellenwill shares her own acronym of happiness and its meaning. 

Dr. Ellen talks about her own journey battling with anxiety and depression, before she reached her breaking point and decided to make her life’s work to figure out what really means to be happy and what daily habits we need to put into practice to ensure we feel genuine happiness.

Get ready for an episode full of wisdom and fun!


Key Takeaways:

[5:55] Dr. Ellen talks about her own journey.

[9:34] Feeling the beginnings of burnout.

[13:33] Experiencing a panic attack and being almost arrested at the same time.

[16:50] Reach out for your friends that seem ok, it could be a facade.

[18:05] Realizing that she needed to slow down.

[20:20] How Dr. Ellen got to develop the 9 pillars of happiness.

[22:43] Visiting Bhutan, the happiest place in the world.

[29:52] HAPPINESS as an acronym.

[34:35] Connecting with the reasons behind your decisions.

[37:04] Giving yourself permission to feel good and bad.

[38:13] Boundaries.

[40:22] Your purpose is your why.

[45:41] Productivity and how it is different from efficiency.

[49:11] Schedule down time every single week.

[54:01] Structure breeds freedom.

[55:42] The great benefits of starting a gratitude journal.

[58:15] The progress principle.

[59:53] Introspection, take a look at your negative self talk.

[1:02:05] Being connected with nature increases happiness.

[1:03:55] Bright colors promote health and happiness.

[1:04:57] Emotional resilience should be taught at schools.

[1:06:10] Dr. Ellen shares a technique “Stop, drop and breathe”. 

[1:07:55] Strengthen your social connections to improve cognitive functioning.

[1:11:25] The power of eye contact.

[1:13:25] Social media can drive us closer.

[1:17:04] Sustainability from a global and personal perspectives.

[1:19:22] Make sustainable decisions for yourself.

[1:20:04] What makes Dr. Ellen rebellious?

[1:22:05] Rapid fire questions


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