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Wild Medicine

Apr 16, 2019

Dr. Laura von Hagen is a naturopathic doctor, specialized in PCOS, hormonal imbalance and fertility. In this amazing episode, Dr. Laura is not hesitant to open up an show her vulnerable side. She acknowledges that even when you have all the knowledge and the training, challenges still present themselves and they need to be faced. In her case, not having regular menstrual cycles led her to seek professional advice, and consequently to take birth control, not really knowing what was happening to her body.  After more research and consultations Dr. Laura was diagnosed with PCOS. Feelings of shame and not feeling “enough” or aligned with her femininity arose, and that was the beginning of her journey to reclaiming that divine femininity and helping other women on their own personal journeys.


Listen to this episode and acquire great resources to diagnose and treat PCOS, get an understanding of how PCOS works and how dietary changes and supplements can support your health.


Key Takeaways:

[5:31] Dr. Laura’s personal journey.

[8:26] What attracted Dr. Laura to naturopathic medicine?

[12:13] Feeling shame.

[15:20] Not feeling like a “woman”.

[16:31] Signs of  PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

[20:03] When to get testing done?

[21:10] Coming off the birth control pill.

[21:55] Focusing on Insulin and blood sugar control.

[23:07] The right tests to take.

[25:19] A supplement that manages PCOS: Inositol.

[27:15] Changes in your diet to treat PCOS.

[28:04] Lowering testosterone levels.

[29:12] Acupuncture  and herbs for women that are not having a menstrual cycle at all.

[30:30] When birth control is an option.

[31:08] Seed and the lunar cycling.

[32:30] Frequency of acupuncture.

[33:30] Staying hopeful.

[35:01] Dr. Laura’s current state regarding PCOS.

[36:43] Using allopathic and naturopathic medicine, bringing in the best of both worlds.

[38:34] A great life lesson.

[40:35] Opening up about PCOS with friends.

[43:08] What makes Dr. Laura rebellious?

[44:27] Rapid fire questions.


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