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Wild Medicine

Jan 29, 2019

Karen San Andres is a registered physiotherapist who has been skillfully leading patients, covering the entire spectrum of athletic ability towards healing, strengthening, and balance. She enjoys working with women and girls of all ages, seeing her treatment as a partnership with her patients, regardless of their age or abilities. Karen is a specialist in pelvic floor health and has a passion for assisting pregnant women in preparing for better labor, birth and later recovery.


Karen shares her love for her career as a physiologist and also her personal journey. In the last couple of years, Karen faced difficult situations that gave her the opportunity to grow as a woman. As a result, she is now more self-loving, aware of her boundaries and pursues joy as one of her priorities.


Listen to this episode, to be inspired and motivated to begin 2019 in touch with your feminine power and allowing yourself to shine your brightest light.


Key Takeaways:

[2:24] Karen’s career briefing.

[3:23] Why does Dr. Karen dedicate most of her work to pelvic floor physiotherapy?

[5:55] Benefits of a pelvic floor assessment.

[6:26] Advancements in pain science.

[7:10] Root causes for pain in the pelvic area.

[7:56] Reconnecting the brain with the body.

[12:20] A team that takes care of the patient’s needs.

[13:33] Why do pregnant women see a physiotherapist before labor?

[17:14] Exercise after giving birth.

[18:52] Menopausal or postmenopausal women benefits from physiotherapy.

[21:06] What is a normal amount to urinate per day?

[21:30] Until the age of 50 you should be sleeping through the night without urinating.

[22:55] Two years ago Karen’s journey shifted.

[27:10] Value of a ripple effect a woman can have.

[28:05] Dealing with mom guilt.

[30:05] Healthier boundaries means knowing when to say no.

[32:22] Movement for a more balanced mental health.

[33:55] Find out how you are metabolizing hormones.

[35:06] The actual practice of medicine has been lost.

[37:58] Step out of the “all or nothing” mentality.

[39:45] A photo shoot as a gift to myself.

[42:05] Sisterhood can change with time.

[47:01] Start this new year with a fresh outlook.

[52:04] Feminine power in a team.

[53:23] What makes Dr. Karen rebellious?

[54:28] Rapid fire questions!


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