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Wild Medicine

Jan 31, 2023

This week on Wild Medicine,  Dr. Michelle invites Kim Marshall, a virtual parenting coach & educational consultant, on a transformative conversation on Kim’s journey in the Wild Collective, her life experiences that lead her to her CEO path, how she spread her wings and began Roots and Wings Childhood. 

Kim is a hope dealer, blindspot finder, and problem solver. 

She is a gentle and positive parenting coach, dedicated to increasing your patience, presence and playfulness, and leadership within your home. With over a decade of experience as a licensed educator, kindergarten teacher, and mom to two, Kim Marshall helps moms step into their role as the calm and confident parent. 

She is a former kindergarten teacher, Mama of 2, and CEO of Roots and Wings Childhood. She guides families in finding and reclaiming the magic within their home. 

Dr. Peris and Kim thoroughly discuss and unlock the components of what is behind the push in taking these quantum leaps, that allow you to follow your intuition, to disrupt your career paths, and how to recognize your intuitive pulls. 

If you want to go from survive to thrive, this episode is for you.

Connect with Kim Marshall:
Instagram: @rootsandwingschildhood


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