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Wild Medicine

Jun 1, 2021

Meaningful and candid conversations about health and tapping into your intuitive self; This is the Rebel Talk podcast with Dr. Michelle Peris.

This episode is brought to you by The Wild Collective. For more information, please see the bottom of this episode’s show notes.

There are so many women that experience symptoms...

Mar 30, 2021

Jenn Pike is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Women's Hormone Expert, Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Medical Exercise Specialist, Bestselling author, and host of The Simplicity Sessions podcast. She specializes in women's health and hormones. As an inspired Mom of two, she understands that true wellbeing is a...

Oct 27, 2020

The menstrual cycle has a negative connotation around it and is often perceived as a burden that a woman must go through every 28 days however, you are about to hear how you can take back your menstrual cycle and find out how to become more efficient at for work, your family, and your daily life throughout your...