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Wild Medicine

Aug 9, 2022

Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a naturopathic doctor, entrepreneur, women´s sexual health disruptor, and author. Dr. Wiggins’ mission is to revolutionize the way women take and talk about sexual health, wellness and pleasure. She is the clinic director of Health Overall and the CEO of The Pleasure Collective, a coaching community, and sexual health re-education program for women.

Dr. Wiggins’ book will be launched in March and is called The Pink Canary: The Hidden Secret to Optimum Health for Women.

Sexual health can be a taboo topic, but Dr. Wiggins approaches it in an articulate, knowledgable and incredibly passionate way, with the aim of helping women connect to their pleasure, to their joy and to embody what it means to be feminine and take pride in that. 

Key Takeaways:

[10:20] Dr. Wiggins talks about her professional journey.

[11:28] Lack of desire is a health problem that should be treated.

[14:28] Women are not taught about their hormonal health or how to communicate desire in relationships.

[15:20] Dr. Wiggins talks about low libido and its link to depression.

[17:13] Dr. Wiggins shares how she realized she had a pelvic floor dysfunction in her mid-twenties.

[18:08] We are taught to name our anatomies in the wrong way.

[19:42] Everything is better when you have a healthy sex drive.

[20:10] Sex education by default is for male’s pleasure.

[21:30] The clitoris is not even mentioned in sex education (which is mind-blowing!)

[22:13] We need to talk about pleasure and desire.

[22:40] Pornographic sex is not pleasurable sex for women.

[23:33] Pleasure Principles: a 12-week program.

[25:55] Please, stop faking.

[27:45] Pleasure not pills.

[28:50] Greek mythology and its link to women’s sexuality.

[32:15] You can start having better sex today.

[35:01] There is an evolution of desire, the sex that you crave in your twenties won’t be the same ta your thirties or forties.

[36:22] Sex is not about numbers but about satisfaction.

[38:02] Self-pleasure is not taught and usually is accompanied by shame.

[39:20] Blaming libido on hormonal balance.

[41:03] The amount of testosterone in the blood does not correlate to libido.

[44:39] Dr. Wiggins talks about how she has been learning from every woman she has encountered at her practice.

[47:22] The common reaction when seeing a woman sexually empowered is full of judgment.

[51:55] Dr. Wiggins talks about her book: The Pink Canary.

[53:30] A mistake that propelled Dr. Wiggins forward.

[55:32] What makes Dr. Wiggins rebellious?

[57:58] Rapid fire questions

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