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Wild Medicine

May 12, 2020

In part two of this three-part series, Dr. Michelle Peris shares three things that typically hold people back from achieving their optimal health. 

In this episode, Dr. Michelle talks about thinking traps that keep us from achieving our health goals, why creating healthy boundaries within your life is so important, and the importance of having your tribe’s support with you along the way! Dr. Michelle is on this journey right along with you and has so much experience and valuable knowledge to share with you!

Listen to this episode and learn about what may be holding you back from achieving your optimal health and what you can do to move past it to create the best and healthiest version of yourself!  


Key Takeaways:

[2:17] Review of last week’s episode.

[4:51] The thinking trap of not having enough time.

[9:03] The problem of a lack of healthy boundaries.

[10:57] The issue of leaving the pod of excited Healthcare.

[14:22] Why the evening can be particularly difficult to maintain health goals.

[15:17] Being okay with whatever the outcome of setting the boundary is.

[16:05] What happens when setting boundaries is met with resistance.

[17:32] Accepting that not everyone will love you.

[20:10] Community and support.  

[21:40] It should be fun. 

[22:03] The direction of the podcast. 


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Designs for Health


Have you ever heard of IV Vitamin Therapy? This is one of the treatments that are offered at the Poppy Clinic, you can receive it as a stand-alone treatment or as part of your holistic health care. IV stands for Intravenous. It is a 40-minute session during which you are administered a customized blend of vitamins intravenously, right into your bloodstream. The advantage of getting your vitamins this way is that the digestive tract is bypassed in order for you to absorb 100% of what you are getting, you are receiving the vitamins directly, and are able to get much higher doses of the vitamins than you would ever be able to get otherwise.

Did you know that 1 of 3 people have a digestive compromise? This means that even if you are eating a great diet or taking all of your vitamins, you might not actually be digesting and absorbing everything. IV Vitamin Therapy is the treatment that helps you absorb 100% of vitamins into your system.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy:

- Boost your immune system

- Heal from chronic disease

- Fight off infections

- Boost your mood

- Improve sleep quality

- Calm your nervous system

- Health optimization

- Prevention of disease

- Anti-aging and collagen production boost


Reach out to the Poppy Clinic! You don’t need a referral. We look forward to meeting you very soon!