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Wild Medicine

Dec 11, 2018

This episode, Samantha Peris joins Michelle to deliver the best hacks and tips for this holiday time. Sam is a holistic nutritionist and a mom, so she has plenty of suggestions for you and your family to go through the holidays and keep your healthy goals aligned; food, rest, exercise, children’s routines, and even baking tips!  Remember that the most important thing is being able to enjoy the moment and the company, your presence is the best gift you can give to your friends and family!


Key Takeaways:

[2:11] Hacks and tips to manage holiday parties.

[4:38] Get rid of guilt.

[4:48] Eat before you leave or take a healthy dish.

[6:40] Stay hydrated.

[7:05] Wine tips! Chose low sugar and organic wines.

[9:20] Hydrate on soda water!

[10:30] It is about the company, enjoy the moment!

[11:44] Sleep more.

[12:16] Learn how to say no politely.

[12:53] Eat the rainbow! 80% veggies.

[13:30] Baking tips.

[15:04] Cut the sugar in half and switch it to a healthier option, not refined.

[16:42] Keep your exercise routine.

[17:38] Take care of your children keeping them away from processed foods.

[19:17] Food and sleep time.

[21:04] Try to keep your routine as regular as possible.

[21:48] Favorite Christmas memory!

[23:50] Which sister does it better?

[26:15] Listeners questions.

[26:41] Bring your probiotics, enzymes and electrolytes in case of tummy aches.

[28:48] Self care tips.

[32:03] Connecting with family with quality questions and learn about them.

[35:55] Rapid fire questions.


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