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Wild Medicine

Aug 17, 2021

Meaningful and candid conversations about health and tapping into your intuitive self; This is the Rebel Talk podcast with Dr. Michelle Peris.

This episode is brought to you by The Wild Collective. For more information, please see the bottom of this episode’s show notes.

On today’s episode, I have an incredibly empowering conversation with Dr. Danielle Watson, a.k.a. the Mother Doctor.

Dr. Danielle Watson is a naturopathic doctor and the creator of The Mother Doctor. In her private practice, she treats mothers from preconception to pregnancy and through to postpartum. Dr. Watson has made it her goal to change the dynamic in healthcare so that new mothers feel supported as they navigate through their own motherhood journey.

Dr. Watson is a speaker, educator, and activist for motherhood looking to spread the message that being a mom is not a diagnosis. This woman is incredibly passionate about what the current postpartum situation looks like and how we should be preparing moms in pregnancy for this postpartum phase. Dr. Danielle Watson does an incredible job of highlighting how we need to shift our planning for postpartum.

This is a really important conversation that can change how women view this experience; how we can reframe this entire narrative so that the journey from preconception to pregnancy and through the postpartum phase can go from feeling very alone, isolated, and disempowered to feeling very connected, supported, and empowered.

To find out more about Dr. Danielle Watson, as well as her courses and programs, go to her website: . To connect via social media, you can find her @themotherdoctor. 

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This episode of the Rebel Talk Podcast is brought to you by The Wild Collective. The Wild Collective is our community health initiative that helps women understand the intersection of our physiology, how our body works, how our hormones, how our stress, how our lifestyle factors influence our ability to connect with our intuition.

It is where like-minded individuals have high-level conversations and learn a curriculum that every woman has the right to know, that is in their best interest to understand so that they can take their health and their life to the next level. It is our deepest honor and privilege to be able to offer this here at the poppy clinic.

If you have been curious to learn more about our sisterhood and how to leverage community as your super power to take radical action in your life. Then I highly recommend that you connect with us in two ways. One, you join our five day free challenge via the link on our Instagram page and two, you join our upcoming masterclass. It is called the science of sisterhood, the ultimate women's health blueprint. We would love for you to join us.

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Designs for Health

Have you ever heard of IV Vitamin Therapy? This is one of the treatments that are offered at the Poppy Clinic, you can receive it as a stand-alone treatment or as part of your holistic health care. IV stands for Intravenous. It is a 40-minute session during which you are administered a customized blend of vitamins intravenously, right into your bloodstream. The advantage of getting your vitamins this way is that the digestive tract is bypassed in order for you to absorb 100% of what you are getting, you are receiving the vitamins directly, and are able to get much higher doses of the vitamins than you would ever be able to get otherwise.

Did you know that 1 of 3 people have a digestive compromise? This means that even if you are eating a great diet or taking all of your vitamins, you might not actually be digesting and absorbing everything. IV Vitamin Therapy is the treatment that helps you absorb 100% of vitamins into your system.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy:

- Boost your immune system

- Heal from chronic disease

- Fight off infections

- Boost your mood

- Improve sleep quality

- Calm your nervous system

- Health optimization

- Prevention of disease

- Anti-aging and collagen production boost

Reach out to the Poppy Clinic! You don’t need a referral. We look forward to meeting you very soon!