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Wild Medicine

Mar 9, 2021

Michelle decided to share a throwback episode (episode 45) with you as this one was special to her. 

Nicole Willis joins Michelle Peris in this amazing episode where she reveals her own healing journey that lead her to love and accept herself fully and unconditionally. The path was not easy, but the struggle gave her strength and helped her balancing the feminine and masculine power within herself, elevating her self-love and worthiness, and changing her whole life as a result.

Nicole made her mission to remind women of their beauty and power, encouraging them to pursue their heart’s desires and to make them possible.

Nicole shares why authenticity is so crucial, and how sharing our truths is in the way to heal, elevate and see better for ourselves. It is by admitting the secrets, shameful moments, and the mistakes made that we liberate ourselves from the past and step into the light of our future.

Enjoy this awesome show and be inspired to get in touch with you inner beauty and just love the woman you were born to be!

 Key Takeaways:

[4:44] Nicole talks about how she started working in the wellness space.

[6:29] Creating supplement lines for wellness influencers-

[7;21] Reclaim your crown: Back into the pageant world.

[11:45] Balancing the masculine and feminine energies.

[13:17] Dealing with body image issues.

[17:33] Nicole talks about her participation in a second pageant contest.

[22:38] Glowing from within.

[23:33] Nicole’s Instagram success.

[25:35] Make sure you have the right people around you.

[26:44] The importance of the community in your healing journey.

[29:30] The next step in Nicole's life.

[30:17] Changing the pageant paradigm 

[32:04] It is ok to own your beauty.

[33:01] Bringing women back together.

[33:42] Being authentic.

[35:36] Nicole’s mentors

[36:17] Challenge that propelled Nicol forward.

[37:45] Rapid fire questions.

Continue on your wild journey…

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