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Wild Medicine

Jun 9, 2020

This episode is a pre-COVID-19 throwback! Now seeing that anything can change in just a moment, financial literacy is super important and absolutely a conversation we must all be in on.

Amber Dugger is a certified mastery level Profit First Professional, holds degrees in International Business and Finance and is also a certified Health Coach (INHC). Amber combines a holistic approach to money management with practical action steps to get her clients set up for financial success and most importantly, sustainability. Through her signature program ‘Profit For Keeps’ her clients leave knowing how to bring in money, how much money they want and puts a simple and effective system in place that allows them to know what to do with their money once they have it.

In this episode, Amber shares actionable suggestions to improve your relationship with money, to inform yourself in order to make better choices with regards to your cash flow, giving value to yourself and your work, while learning how to direct your focus to meet your goals. Amber also encourages women to release any sort of shame or guilt for previous financial decisions that went wrong, they were just doing their best with the information they had at the time.

Listen to this episode to learn about: 

  • Wealth Consciousness
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Diffuse vs Focused Thinking
  • Profit First

Key Takeaways:

[6:30] Amber talks about her professional journey.

[9:42] Why do people stress about money?

[11:02] Money is simply a resource.

[12:18] Amber explains the meaning of wealth consciousness.

[14:05] Emotional freedom technique.

[17:21] Helpful practices to tap into your wealth consciousness.

[19:12] Learning to direct your focus.

[19:39] Diffuse vs Focused thinking.

[22:40] Amber talks about managing cash flow more effectively.

[28:00] There is an agenda for the financial industry not to teach us how to manage our cash flow.

[30:14] Amber gives to her clients software that allows a business to organize cash flow.

[32:57] Profit first.

[39:05] Pay yourself first, recognize your value.

[41:39] Amber shares an experience that propelled her forward.

[48:10] Challenge your limiting beliefs.

[48:50] Amber talks about masculine and feminine energy with regard to money.

[49:50] Actionable steps to focus more on cash flow.

[51:21] Release any sort of shame or guilt, you did your best with the information you had at the time.

[52:21] If you have a business calculate a revenue goal for yourself.

[53:30] Get Amber Dugger’s profitability calculator.

[55:11] What makes Amber rebellious?

[56:04] Rapid fire questions.


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Mentioned in this episode:

Tapping Into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money, Margaret M. Lynch

Profit First: Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine, Mike Michalowicz