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Rebel Talk

Jan 28, 2020

Josh Gitalis is a clinical nutritionist, he is a recognized expert in the field of clinical detoxification and therapeutic supplementation. He runs a Toronto based private practice with a worldwide client base. Josh teaches clinical nutrition and is also the first Canadian nutritionist becoming an IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine) certified practitioner.

Josh has the ability to take incredibly complex concepts and distill them down into digestible information for the general public.


In this episode, Josh and Michelle go deep into crucial topics about integrative health, such as:

  • Types of testing;
  • How to be an informed health consumer;
  • The differences between conventional and functional medicine testing;
  • The kinds of tools to help identify dysfunction, not only diagnosing disease;
  • Environmental health.


Key Takeaways: 

[7:16] Josh Gitalis shares his personal and professional journey.

[9:06] How Josh Gitalis became interested in Functional Medicine.

[12:20] Josh Gitalis explains the meaning of functional lab testing.

[13:30] The specific characteristics of stool testing from a functional medicine perspective.

[18:30] Josh Gitalis shares a case that illustrates the necessity that practitioners have to look deeper and ask more questions to the patients.

[21:20] Common mistakes in both medical and natural integrative testing.

[22:13] When to have toxin testing?

[23:45] The best functional tests to examine the hormones and digestion functions.

[24:32] Josh Gitalis talks about his passion with regards to detoxification and environmental health.

[28:20] Cleaning up your environment is something that you learn and have to do once and you never have to think about it again.

[31:22] Josh Gitalis shares his knowledge about fasting.

[38:40] Tips for a family that wants to live more holistically.

[40:46] Josh shares the principles about food introduction.

[43:48] Why do people end up in “food traps” in regards to feeding children? 

[47:03] Leave your house with a food plan or you will be left with very unhealthy food options.

[47:22] Josh Gitalis’ favorite mistake that propelled him forward.

[48:57] What makes Josh Gitalis rebellious?

[50:03] Rapid fire questions.


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