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Rebel Talk

Jan 7, 2020

“I am going to start living in better alignment with my core values, I am going to get really real about what factors in my life are not serving me, and continue to work from a more aligned place.”



Dr. Michelle Peris wants to share the lessons she learned during 2019 and how each of them set her up for success. She discloses the most useful habits that helped her to stay clear on her vision, be motivated and stay connected to her purpose even during challenging times.


Happy New Year! Wishing you an abundance of clarity and joy in 2020!


Key Takeaways:

[4:27] Dr. Michelle reflects about the opportunities and challenges she faced during 2019.

[5:38] Impostor syndrome: believing you don’t deserve the opportunities you have.

[6:50] Count your blessings.

[7:40] Things happen when you slow down.

[8:22] When you are burning out for doing what you are passionate about.

[9:44] I want to have a magnetic attraction to opportunities.

[10:05] The power of setting your goals and mission with clarity.

[11:20] What action steps do you need to take to ensure your vision comes to fruition? 

[12:30] Learn how to balance your masculine and femenine energy.

[13:47] Get rid of the negative narratives that are harming your potential.

[15:05] You can rewire yourself and get rid of what is no longer serving you.

[16:37] Create your vision board for 2020.

[19:39] Even when you are not having your best day, you never know whose life you are impacting.

[21:07] Make time for journaling.

[22:33] Show up to fit your best self.

[23:08] The quality of your life is based on your willingness to have tough conversations or to ask quality questions.

[23:26] Take radical responsibility of your life.

[25:09] 4 things to aligning yourself with 2020: 

  • - one thing you want to Start
  • - one thing you want to Stop
  • - one thing you want to Face 
  • - and one thing you want to Embrace

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