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Wild Medicine

Nov 19, 2019

Dave Ruel is the founder of Effic, which is a planner for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to become more efficient and more productive.

Dave is known as “The Architect” because he is able to create such highly efficient and sustainable business structures, after launching his own multimillion-dollar  businesses online.

During this episode Michelle and Dave will discuss such topics as efficiency and organization — not only directed at entrepreneurs but at families! Dave teaches tactics to organize and streamline family functioning in order for them to be able to apply and engineer them to their own unique situation.

Here are other topics addressed in this rich conversation:

  • What’s the difference between productivity and efficiency?
  • Focus: “Done by noon” framework
  • Prioritize self-care
  • Reduce emotional stress
  • How should we handle priorities?


Key Takeaways:

[6:56] Dave explains how he got to create the Effic planner.

[10:43] Difference between productivity and efficiency.

[14:30] Dave shares the tools to become more efficient.

[15:13] Different types of tasks: Project-based tasks, Process-based tasks, and Reactive tasks.

[19:01] Defining your vision and goals.

[20:44] The concept of Buckets: Choose three big projects to work on.

[23:33] Why do you want to keep “the big picture”  in mind.

[28:05] Scheduling creates freedom and space within our lives. 

[31:45] Preventing burn out through planning and scheduling.

[32:23] The importance of taking care of physical and mental well being.

[33:10] Following the analogy about learning to prioritize: What would look like a big rock, a little rock and a grain of sand?

[37:35] In order to prioritize better keep in mind what you want to accomplish in the next 12 months.

[38:30] Dave talks about the sustainability aspect.

[41.05] People are burnt out because they don't prioritize self care.

[41:52] Dave introduces a daily self care routine that begins with hydration and exercise.

[44:38] Allow yourself to have some time on your own to reflect.

[45:45] Remind yourself to practice gratefulness.

[49:30] Dave explains how the “evening check-out” works.

[51:02] Learn the practice of filtering ideas.

[54:06] What makes Dave rebellious?

[57:19] Rapid fire questions.


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