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Wild Medicine

Oct 8, 2019

In this episode, Michelle welcomes Dr. Breanne Kallonen who is a naturopathic doctor, an author and an everyday high achieving badass woman. A unique human being that continuously shows up with her passion to help women elevate their lives and create a community where they can find support on several aspects of their health, hormonal and metabolic balance, and digestive support. She does not only walks the talk, but has a very strong background in science and the most recent research that supports every step in her amazing program.


In this episode you will hear about:

● Intermittent fasting 

● Hormonal balance

● Stress 

● Nutrition

● The pillars for health


Key Takeaways:

[5:55] How did Dr. Kallonen get into naturopathic medicine? 

[8:58] Supporting women when it comes to community, mindset and hormonal balance.

[10:39] Giving up control.

[11:37] The pillars of health.

[13:26] The evening routine.

[15:55] Hormones, fitness and weight loss.

[17:46] Exercising less can produce amazing results.

[18:33] Resetting the metabolism.

[21:55] Trends on hormone imbalances Dr. Kallonen has seen and the interventions she has conducted.

[23:57] Nutrition and hormone balance.

[26:10] What does your plate need to look like?

[30:54] Metabolic weight loss and diet.

[32:50] How are you eating your food.

[33:30] The research around intermittent fasting.

[37:43] Fasting and blood sugar levels.

[39:50] Difference between hunger and cravings.

[47:12] Talking about nutrition with your children.

[51:04] A challenge that propelled Dr. Kallonen forward.

[53:40] What makes Dr. Kallonen rebellious?

[55:18] Rapid fire questions.


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