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Wild Medicine

Aug 20, 2019

Megan Day is  a Certified Life Coach, Meditation Instructor and Founder of Rooted & Vibrant. In this episode, she shares new and interesting concepts that have never been addressed here before. Megan’s experiences in her personal journey led her to find herself and achieve healing through navigating trauma and pain; this propelled her to help other women find their potential and motivation.

These are some of the topics addressed in this awesome conversation among women and dedicated to women to help them find their true nature and reach their dreams:


● Meditation

● Awakenings

● Meeting your motivation

● Raising emotionally healthy children 

● Confronting our ego

● Reaching out to our wild nature

● Making conscious decisions about career and family


Key Takeaways:

[6:38] Megan talks about her journey.

[8:27] Starting life coaching.

[10:16] The awakening when you are craving something different.

[12:33] Encouraging women to take that bold step.

[15:19] Personal development and leadership courses.

[17:20] How the ego operates.

[18:34] What is your motivation? Why are you doing what you are doing?

[21:58] Meditation practice.

[23:44] Recognizing warning signs.

[24:28] Resistance to meditation.

[26:05] Looking back into her own life.

[27:54] How anxiety manifest in different ways.

[28:56] Awakening feels like authenticity.

[32:48] Dealing with self criticism.

[35:01] Community is crucial for healing.

[37:34] Recognizing what you can and can't control.

[40:01] Raising emotionally healthy little girls and boys.

[43:10] Being a reluctant rebel.

[45:10] The wild woman archetype.

[48:35] Your values are reflected in what you dedicate time to.

[53:06] Megan’s mentors.

[55:32] What makes Megan rebellious?

[55:54] Rapid fire questions.


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