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Wild Medicine

Jul 16, 2019

Diana Carruthers is a co-creator of a company called Purabeada, where they sell gemstones bracelets. In this episode you will learn about the healing potential of certain stones, but mainly you will learn about Diana’s own healing journey with hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue and the radical changes she made to heal, she shares how healing is not a linear path and go deep into the diet and lifestyle changes that are required in order to achieve health. The human body is really capable of amazing things and Diana’s story is a living proof of it. 


Key Takeaways:

[4:50] Diana introduces herself.

[6:06] Gemstone bracelets.

[7:40] Diana’s healing journey.

[11:12] Being unconventional.

[12:43] Restoration of mind, body and soul. 

[14:33] The challenges of changing lifestyles.

[16:33] Learning to give your system a break.

[18:40] Dealing with guilt and judgement.

[19:21] Become your best self doctor.

[20:12] Becoming a health advocate.

[21:35] The real motivation was the mental health.

[24:25] Own your cycle.

[27:40] Noticing the mental health improvement.

[28:52] Leaving gluten to get rid of the mind fog.

[31:50] Rest is really hard.

[33:38] Maintaining health through daily stressors.

[36:09] A slow and steady work.

[39:06] Building Purabeada.

[42:38] The impact of using gemstones.

[44:36] You have to believe to achieve healing.

[45:50] Finding your connection to Earth.

[49:06] A hard time that taught Diana a lesson

[49:48] Being vegan as a rebellious act.

[51:05] Rapid fire questions.



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