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Wild Medicine

Apr 9, 2019

Dr. Salna Smith is a Naturopathic Doctor whose mission is to take her patients from overwhelmed and exhausted to calm, confident and re-energized – for good. She’s been there too. Too tired to focus, disrupted sleep, weight gain and mood swings. Dr. Salna firmly believes we all deserve to have sustainable energy so we can accomplish our priorities with ease.

Dr. Salna Smith specializes in adrenal fatigue, and in this awesome episode, she is explaining what the adrenals are and how they work in relation to the functions of other systems in our bodies. She delivers great and actionable advice to start healing your adrenals, finding balance and showing up at your best to what matters the most in your life. As Dr. Salna says, “You can’t do it all and be in balance at the same time”, learn to set your priorities and slow down by listening to this amazing talk between women that have gone through challenges and struggles and made it through with the help of connection, community, and empowerment.


Key Takeaways:

[5:51] Dr. Salna’s personal journey as a naturopathic doctor, mother and wife.

[9:05] Treating Adrenal Fatigue with naturopathic medicine.

[10:01] How adrenals work.

[11:30] Using naturopathic medicine to heal the adrenals.

[12:55] When you feel all the symptoms but your lab works turns out fine.

[14:33] DUTCH test.

[15:22] Cortisol and cortisone levels.

[17:05] Finding that your feelings are being validated by a test result pointing to cause.

[19:40] Sleep is crucial to balance the cortisol rhythm.

[20:18] Using botanicals.

[21:07] Slowing down exercise.

[24:25] Healthy sleep hygiene.

[27:22] Lemon balm and passion flower benefits.

[28:35] Case of a woman slowing down to rebuild her adrenals.

[31:52] Rebel Tribe in Calgary.

[37:57] Info session for Rebel Tribe, a space for connection and empowerment.

[44:30] Realizing I cannot do it all and keep the balance at the same time.

[46:00] Rapid fire questions.


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