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Wild Medicine

Feb 12, 2019

Dr. Kara Dionisio B.Sc, M.Sc, is a naturopathic doctor and clinical director of Health Squad. She is on a mission to elevate medicine by adding 'health' to healthcare through empowerment, collaboration and logic. Dr. Kara is joining Michelle to talk about sex, and more specifically about women sexual vitality.


Sexual education, while taught in schools, tends to be limited to anatomy and diseases, but Dr. Kara is bringing joy and science together to give the best explanation about sexual matters you have ever heard so far, including interesting topics such as:


● Definition of sexual wellbeing

● Sexual dysfunction categories

● Medication that can cause sexual side effects

● Pelvic floor health

● Hormones involved in sex

● Difference between sexual desire and arousal

● Types of sexual desire

● Sexual excitement

● How to improve your sexual health

● Optimal frequency for sexual intercourse


… among other subjects! Don’t miss this amazing episode and be inspired to connect with your unique and divine femininity as a whole. No taboos, no limitations, no embarrassment, a talk among women about women’s needs and desires.


Key Takeaways:

[3:52] Dr Carol’s professional and personal journey.

[6:01] Health Squad a community of health professionals.

[6:46] Passion about sex.

[7:48] Sexual health and vitality.

[8:55] Addressing sexual trauma.

[9:50] Physical issues that can impact sexual health.

[12:01] Few people actually have sex.

[14:15] Sex is important for health.

[16:49] Pillars of health.

[17:31] Women’s sexual wellbeing.

[19:30] Human beings are the only animals that have sex solely for pleasure.

[23:27] Sexual dysfunction categories.

[25:57] Conditions that are associated with sexual health.

[28:44] Antidepressants and birth control cause sexual side effects.

[29:30] The science of sex.

[32:50] Pelvic floor health.

[34:20] The structure informs the function.

[34:30] The hormones of sex.

[37:53] Dopamine and oxytocin.

[38:48] After orgasm, the resolution face.

[40:20] Difference between desire and arousal.

[40:48] Two types of desire: spontaneous and responsive.

[42:10] In women, arousal and desire are not always in agreement.

[46:31] Science behind sexual excitement.

[51:05] Ways to improve our sexual health.

[53:30] Lose the expectation of sex and just play.

[54:17] Talking about sex to increases sexual desire.

[56:39] Understanding your menstrual cycle will help you sync with your sexual vitality.

[57:45] Frequency: once a week is the minimum necessary.

[59:32] Perceived failure that Dr. Kara is grateful for.

[1:01:19] Rapid fire questions.


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