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Wild Medicine

Jan 15, 2019

Dr. Agatha Bis has over 22 years of clinical experience, blending advanced nutrition and supplementation alongside modern dental practices to optimize health outcomes. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Bis has focused on working with complex patients who have responded poorly to conventional medical and dental treatments by seeking the root causes of their illness and guiding them on a path towards healing. Her integrative approach emphasizes the importance of listening to patients, focusing on the root causes and epidemiology of diseases, respecting biochemical individuality, and partnering with patients to make meaningful changes in their health habits.

Dr. Agatha shares great advice and information about maintaining optimal oral health. She also explains how to read the signs your gums, mouth, teeth and even your breathing, are giving you about your overall health, since there are many diseases and health conditions that can be early diagnosed through an oral examination.

Listen to this episode for a better understanding of the holistic dentistry approach and its advantages over traditional dental interventions.


Key Takeaways:

[3:44] Dr. Agatha’s journey into dentistry.

[5:14] How oral health influences overall body health?

[7:44] There are warning signs that can be seen in the mouth before they manifest in other parts of the body.

[8:23] Dr. Agatha’s in-clinic unique approach.

[9:16] Seven screenings: checks your overall health.

[10:20] There is a change in belief for people who tend towards a more holistic approach.

[11:34] Proper mercury amalgam removal.

[11:55] Supplementation is key to detoxify.

[13:00] The SMART method for removing mercury from teeth.

[13:47] What are people doing today that is negatively affecting their oral health?

[15:55] People are much more healthy now than they were before.

[17:05] Children are being recommended stainless steel teeth.

[18:20] Stainless steel crowns hold infections and bacteria in them.

[20:06] Sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment.

[22:57] Nose breathing vs mouth breathing.

[25:21] Retrain breathing.

[26:11] Mouth taping as a tool for retrain breathing

[29:12] Steps to take care of your oral health.

[30:59] Water Picks for children are great when they operate them correctly.

[32:17] Foods that support oral health.

[33:01] How many times you should brush your teeth?

[33:30] When are kids ready to brush their own teeth?

[35:21] Trying things that are new and scary.

[37:40] What makes Dr. Agatha rebellious?

[38:29] Rapid fire questions.


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