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Wild Medicine

Jan 8, 2019

Dr. Rishma Walji is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and PhD, she is dedicated predominantly to women’s health, mostly fertility. Dr. Risha has been working professionally in the naturopathic medicine field for over 15 years. She has tried most treatment plans on herself and worked personally with all sorts of different health care providers from different fields. She has taught at major universities across Ontario, and has also participated in and published scientific research.


During this episode, Dr. Rishma and Michelle are diving deep into relationships, couples, families, and how the challenges in communication and different parenting styles can create distance between partners and even break relationships. Listen to this amazing talk among women who care about relationships, love, and true connection and get many tools and interesting information about real couples trying to overcome the daily challenges and stress to strengthen family bonds.


Key Takeaways:

[2:03] Dr. Rishma career briefing.

[5:41] Relationships.

[9:58] What helped Dr. Rishma develop her intuition.

[12:28] Relationship trends.

[14:25] People tend to avoid the “hard” conversations.

[15:38] Teaching people how to communicate with each other.

[16:28] Building a shared vision board.

[18:40] Can moms get in the way of dads bonding with their kids?

[21:44] Most women can function as multitaskers while men are usually more linear.

[23:43] Difficulties enjoying sex while having a baby.

[24:19] Using mindfulness for the bedroom.

[26:10] A lot of men connect physically when women tend to connect emotionally.

[27:43] Lack of proper resources to educate women about sex.

[28:55] Non verbal communication is important.

[29.11] Hugging until you relax.

[33:22] Talk to your spouse with the same love that you talk to your kids.

[34:03] Imago dialogue to help couples communicate effectively.

[36:21] How to connect better on a daily basis.

[39:31] “What I heard you said is this...did I get it right?”

[40:33] Your partner does not have to be everything for you.

[43:02] What is on a family vision board?

[49:10] Family meetings.

[49:59] Practicing gratitude!

[51:04] Be present and trust each other.

[54:16] Rapid fire questions.


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