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Wild Medicine

Oct 30, 2018

Dr. Lisa Knapper is a naturopathic doctor who works in the Poppy Clinic and has been practicing medicine for over 10 years. Acupuncture, meditation and grounding are some of Dr. Lisa’s contributions to the Poppy Clinic apart from being a doctor.


Dr. Lisa has always been a rebel and finds most of her support in the deep connections in her life, especially from her close group of friends. Dr. Lisa finds her motivation in being a woman among women, educating, guiding and assisting others to achieve their best health potential.


This episode is all about getting out of isolation, being strong enough to show up authentically and vulnerable in order to strengthen real connections. Listen to this episode and get closer to your tribe, you are not alone!


Key Takeaways:

[:31] The beginning in naturopathic medicine of Dr. Lisa.

[3:45] Sisterhood.

[5:32] The effects of the loss of connection with her friends.

[9:59] Taking action!

[10:44] What attracted Dr. Lisa to Rebel Tribe?

[11:56] Dr. Lisa’s most interesting experiences at Rebel Tribe.

[14:30] Mental health and its relationship with sisterhood.

[15:16] What are Dr. Lisa’s strategies for keeping her connection with friends strong?

[17:35] Discomfort in small talk.

[19:00] Being naturally calm.

[21:05] How to exercise on a daily basis when you are a working mom.

[23:19] A close community where you can feel safe: My Energy Exchange.

[25:27] Limiting the social media time.

[25:55] Night time routine.

[29:35] Joining a gym and feeling the connection with others.

[32:25] Once you are a mother you are always a mother.

[33:35] What makes Dr. Lisa rebellious?

[35:05] Gentle honesty is a must in true friendship.

[37:58] Rapid fire questions.


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