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Wild Medicine

Feb 28, 2023

Annie Lawton joins the podcast this week. 

She is the author of Welcome To The Jungle, a personal journey story of self-discovery, of reclaiming her identity as a mother. 

If you are a mom out there who feels like they've lost their identity this is for you. Grab a tissue and give yourself a hug, we are here for you. 

Learn about the shift in focus of new mom life,  being predominantly concerned about the baby's quality of life, and how somewhere along the way, feeling invisible, and losing your identity as these shifts surprisingly and abruptly unfold in front of you. 

Annie proposes an innovative idea around this shift…

that motherhood doesn't actually make you lose your identity.

Listen in on ways the armor builds up, the waves of change, that amplify the feelings, and the road that is taken in compromising yourself. 

Motherhood is the opportunity for women to heal beyond, reclaim who they are, live in alignment with their core values, to be able to be authentic, and lead their families in a very special way.

Join hands with us as we shine a light on the difficulty and struggle of new moms today. 

You are not alone. You are loved. 

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