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Wild Medicine

Feb 14, 2023

Did you know? 

There is a smarter, more efficient way to move through healthcare to enjoy your life, and you're one step away from tapping into that magic and power. 

So, welcome.

Take a step into the Wild; let’s talk: 

joy + pleasure + satisfaction

how to wisely choose your inner circle

battle feeling numb and dissatisfied 

In today’s episode, learn a little bit more about our community, who we are and 

unlock 3 key guides for Wild Living. 

As a bonus, you will get a sneak peek at what’s popping over at the Wild Clubhouse, and learn about a new launch. 

Dr. Peris and Tara sit down to discuss the launch of Empowered Teen, a six module course for moms and tweens that is set to encourage connection, and build relationships between moms and their daughters. 

Tune in to learn what topics are included in the course, why they were specifically chosen, and how they will disrupt and outdated ways that women are taught about their bodies. 

The benefits this education will bring as these tweens grow and thrive, paired with the connection with their mothers, is a magical movement. 

Dig deep with us in the wild.

Registration for Mom & Daughter Empowered Teen Program HERE 



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