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Wild Medicine

Feb 5, 2019

Elizabeth Cherevaty N.D. grew up receiving Naturopathic care as her family’s choice form of primary health care. Her experiences of finding health and healing through the extraordinary practitioners and unique tools of the Naturopathic profession inspired her to become a Naturopathic Doctor herself, in order to be able to help others in a similar way. Dr. Liz developed an integrative fertility program, to help women and couples overcome obstacles to pregnancy and bring their healthy, happy babies into the world. Seeing women as the epicenters of their families’ and communities’ health and wellbeing, Dr. Cherevaty’s goal is to optimize the health of mothers and mothers-to-be, leaders, go-getters and future world-changers (kids!).


This episode is all about unleashing the feminine power embedded in every woman, recognizing the factors that are influencing our mental, emotional and physical health, tackling prejudgements and overcoming the self-imposed glass ceilings that are preventing us from reaching our best potential and goals. Be inspired with Dr. Liz’ story and become rebellious while connecting to the force of the divine femininity in you.


Key Takeaways:

[1:39] Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty’s personal journey.

[4:30] Caring about emotion through naturopathic medicine.

[6:22] Growing up taking care of a garden.

[8:30] Having a grounded and intuitive power.

[10:54] Fighting the conventional belief system.

[11:30] Getting in touch with the feminine power.

[18:25] Reaching a dark point for the light to appear.

[19:11] Women’s super powers.

[20:48] Business is seen as a masculine field.

[22:43] Lack of education about the female cycle.

[23:30] Well Conceived Fertility Method Program.

[29:22] Creating clarity in patients that consult for fertility issues.

[30:28] Your body is a self healing machine.

[30:48] There is no such thing as unexplainable infertility.

[31:48] Epigenetics are modifiable.

[34:41] Getting healthy before conception.

[36:46] Dr. Elizabeth as a rebellious woman.

[39:37] Breaking through our own self imposed boundaries.

[43:23] A failure that helped Dr. Elizabeth grow.

[44:43] Rules makes Dr. Elizabeth rebellious.

[46:04] Rapid fire questions.


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