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Wild Medicine

Oct 16, 2018

I am honored to have Dr. Yashar Khosroshahi in this episode, he is the other half of MindShift Ninja (check the first podcast and find out about Dr.Ayla, the co-founder!). Dr Yashar is a Naturopathic Doctor and a Brain-Based Executive Coach who trains people to overcome physical and mental obstacles to reach peak performance.

This inspiring episode will help you connect first with yourself and your purpose before trying to correct yourself. Dr. Yashar highlights the power of true connections and the awesome impact that has on every human being; this is the foundation to become a real leader, it is not about knowing all the answers or believing there is such thing as perfection.

Evolution is the only constant variable, everything changes, and it is in our nature to shift and transform to become the best version of ourselves. Find the courage and tools to get unstuck, free yourself from old patterns, as Dr. Yashar says to use the challenge as a compass towards significance!


Key Takeaways:

[1:53] How Dr. Yashar got where he is today and what is he doing today?

[4:32] Mental perspective is everything.

[5:25] Negative vice based on fear.

[6:39] What is your deeper purpose?

[8:33] Start shifting to positivity and less catastrophic thinking.

[9:04] How can we start doing better by thinking better?

[9:29] Intentional thinking.

[11:12] Connect with yourself first!

[12:20] Become yourself investigator, look for patterns and start reframing.

[15:05] How to get out of the patterns when you feel stuck.

[17:40] Take action!

[21:44] Connecting people to their purpose.

[25:30] Remind yourself about your intention as often as you can.

[28:08] First stepping stones in becoming aware of your choices.

[29:05] Perfection is a myth, evolution is what was given to us.

[32:21] The crucial importance of true connections.

[36:01] Be in peace with not knowing all the answers.

[36:45] How becoming a father changed Dr. Yashar´s perspective.

[39:44] Create a space to be selfish.

[40:24] Give your children choices.

[43:17] The most rebellious thing Dr. Yashar does is to take care of himself.

[44:10] Rapid fire questions.


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