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Wild Medicine

Oct 9, 2018

On this first episode, I am excited to have Ayla Khosroshahi with me, an authentic woman, who is not afraid to share her vulnerability and courage. To listen to the experiences she went through in her career and her personal life, will inspire you to face everyday challenges in a professional level and as a real woman on this Earth today.


Ayla describes herself with a poem: “A pinch of here, a dash of there, some of this, and a lot of that, none of those, but too many of these. I work with a mix of head, heart + hands, here I am an artist.”.  Ayla is also the co-founder of MINDSHIFT NINJA , she is a strategist and a Brain-Based Executive Coach.  MINDSHIFT NINJA focuses on optimizing human performance, an empowered team, and inspired leadership. Ayla, along with her brother, Yashar, combine the neurosciences, psychology, strategic planning, and mindfulness techniques to empower individuals and groups to do better by thinking better.


Ayla is also a mother, who has gone through a traumatic birth experience. Listen to this episode and find out how she struggled and managed to make it through, becoming more resilient and wise, acknowledging the hard truth of the distance between expectations and reality in motherhood.


The Rebel Talk is all about real women who aspire to become the best version of themselves so this conversation with Ayla is nothing less than the perfect representation of the soul of The Rebel Talk. Enjoy!


Key Takeaways:

[1:30] What is Mindshift Ninja about?

[3:45] Who is Ayla Khosroshahi?

[5:38] Bringing the importance of mindset in business and teams.

[7:21] I do better if I think better.

[8:50] Different tools used with team member or with individuals.

[9:15] Each person needs a different approach.

[12:19] Curiosity: Creativity meets intuition.

[13:47] Our brain works best when balancing creativity and structure.

[14:33] You need rest, silence and play.

[15:50] How to introduce play in your daily life.

[22:12] Showing up as your best self everyday.

[25:15] Getting ready to have a child, expectation vs reality.

[32:05] Find your own goal and motivation.

[34:10] Find the strength to say “no”.

[37:24] Post Traumatic Stress after a very difficult delivery.

[40:27] Injustice makes Ayla rebellious.

[41:28] Rapid fire questions.


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