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Wild Medicine

May 9, 2023

Wild Community, meet Lindsay Taylor, The Food Doula. 

Lindsay is an award-winning cookbook author and joins us this week, supporting women and families to reclaim a healthy relationship with nourishment while finding joy in the process.
She helps facilitate and supports pre-conception, pregnancy, and postpartum nourishment to allow for a more joyous experience. 

Insight into how we can use this critical time in a woman's life to reclaim a relationship with nourishment and use these strong signals and body messages during pregnancy to bring us back to our body and truly understand these intuitive impulses. 

Lindsay opens up about how she became The Food Doula, and also her business transition, leaning into her calling and how this magnetized her opportunities and interests. 

An intuitive story about leaning in and stepping into your true power- a true hero’s journey of being pulled and called into your true calling. 

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