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Wild Medicine

Apr 9, 2024

This week on Wild Medicine, Dr. Peris embarks on an exploration of entrepreneurship. Through candid conversations and insightful reflections, Dr. Peris shares the highs and lows that she has encountered throughout the last 15 years as an entrepreneur. 

Dr. Peris explores the necessity of a deep desire to achieve one's mission in order to weather the storms of failure with grace and fortitude. Then, Dr. Peris discusses the pillars of discipline and consistency, exploring their pivotal role in translating vision into reality. 

Through poignant anecdotes and personal insights, Dr. Peris unravels the secrets of maintaining unwavering focus and commitment to one's goals, even in the midst of uncertainty and doubt.

Budding and seasoned entrepreneurs, tune in for inspiration, practical strategies and to register for Dr. Peris’ upcoming masterclass designed to support entrepreneurs who want to turn their clinical expertise into a transformational group program. Register below.

Clinicians & coaches, this masterclass is for you.

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