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Wild Medicine

Aug 25, 2020

This episode is another throwback! In it, Dr. Michelle and Dr. Shalini approach health in an integrative manner, highlighting vitality over vanity, inspiring women to regain their power, not accepting anything as normal that doesn’t feel good, and embracing that each unique individual needs a unique approach.

Dr. Bhat is a dedicated functional medicine professional with a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. She is the founder of The Movement Boutique in Toronto, a next generation wellness clinic and designer of programs that are built to help people achieve optimal wellness through moving, feeling and looking better. She has designed a workout method, a treatment method using acupuncture, fascial release, and nutrition, and now has three functional medicine programs including her 21-day Clean Gut Detox. 

After going through her own personal health challenges that western medicine wasn’t able to remediate, she developed a passion for functional medicine eventually becoming a certified practitioner to help others be empowered through achieving their own health and wellness goals. At her private practice, her treatments focus on providing patients with a road-map to moving, feeling and looking their best. She works with people who have been told they are normal, as classified by their doctor, and are looking to take their health to new heights, cutting through all the noise and trends on the internet and bringing her patients the most relevant info for their body, mind and microbiome. 


Key Takeaways:

[7:43] Shalini talks about her career journey. 

[8:50] Shifting from chiropractics to functional medicine.

[10:33] Wellness as performance optimization.

[13:12] Vitality is the new vanity.

[16:01] Instead of thinking of losing pounds, think in terms of what you want to gain and how you want to feel.

[18:41] Chasing vitality to look and feel better.

[19:15] Vitality: Having enough energy, strength, and confidence to stand in your power.

[20:40] Approaching bloating as a functional doctor.

[22:08] Do not accept bloating as normal.

[22:32] GI Map, stool test, and Dutch Test.

[25:42] The pillars of vitality for Dr. Shalini Bhat.

[27:24] Simple hacks when it comes to language for women.

[30:11] Using Fascia Release as a way to create alignment.

[39:45] The Movement Boutique’s unique approach.

[42:10] The nutritional principles and the non-negotiables.

[46:16] Diversity is key in regards to diet.

[45:10] Greenwashing.

[48:10] The healthiest way to eat is to eat the food that is most vital.

[49:01] Chose biodynamic agriculture, support your local farmer.

[49:54] Preparation of foods is a massive part of healthy eating.

[51:13] How you eat.

[52:40] Look at your poop!

[52:51] Present the same food in 7 different ways.

[53:45] Teaching children how to choose their food.

[56:05] Favorite superfoods for Dr. Shalini Bhat.

[57:13] Be gentle with yourself.

[58:05] Dr. Shalini’s mentors.

[58:43] A challenge that propelled Dr. Shalini forward.

[59:33] What makes Dr. Shalini rebellious?

[1:00:25] Rapid fire questions.


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