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Wild Medicine

May 19, 2020

Dr. Navaz Habib is the founder of Health Upgraded, an online Functional Medicine and Health Optimization Clinic located in Toronto. He works with high-performance professionals and entrepreneurs to help find the root cause of what is holding back their health. He works with those who want to take their health to a higher level, allowing them to contribute to humanity and serve more people. Navaz is the author of Activate your Vagus Nerve, a simple, easy-to-follow guide to help address a missing major piece in many chronic health conditions. 

In this episode, Navaz shares his inspirational journey of becoming a Chiropractor and losing 75 pounds to become a healthier version of himself. When it comes to your health, monitoring the Vagus Nerve is a fantastic way to measure your health progress, and there are some really simple exercises he shares to activate the Vagus Nerve. 


Listen to this episode to learn all about the Vagus Nerve, such as: 

  • What the Vagus Nerve really is
  • How to track your progress through heart rate variability
  • What the body looks like with imbalances and how to identify a concern
  • Tips, exercises, and tools to track the Vagus Nerve
  • Interventions to improve our health


Key Takeaways:

[2:33] Dr. Navaz Habib’s inspirational story.

[7:24] The habits and emotions that hold you back from achieving your health goals. 

[10:28] What is the Vagus Nerve?

[15:47] What arises when the Vagus Nerve is out of balance?

[19:30] HRV and the Vagus Nerve. 

[26:39] Simple exercises to measure HRV.

[34:18] The effects of taping your mouth for mouth-breathers. 

[37:02] HRV and music. 

[39:42] Cold Exposure. 

[44:19] Community and the Vagus Nerve. 

[48:21] Dr. Navaz’s biggest struggle.

[50:54] What makes Dr. Habib rebellious.

[52:38] Rapid fire questions. 


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Designs for Health


Have you ever heard of IV Vitamin Therapy? This is one of the treatments that are offered at the Poppy Clinic, you can receive it as a stand-alone treatment or as part of your holistic health care. IV stands for Intravenous. It is a 40-minute session during which you are administered a customized blend of vitamins intravenously, right into your bloodstream. The advantage of getting your vitamins this way is that the digestive tract is bypassed in order for you to absorb 100% of what you are getting, you are receiving the vitamins directly, and are able to get much higher doses of the vitamins than you would ever be able to get otherwise.


Did you know that 1 of 3 people have a digestive compromise? This means that even if you are eating a great diet or taking all of your vitamins, you might not actually be digesting and absorbing everything. IV Vitamin Therapy is the treatment that helps you absorb 100% of vitamins into your system.


Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy:

- Boost your immune system

- Heal from chronic disease

- Fight off infections

- Boost your mood

- Improve sleep quality

- Calm your nervous system

- Health optimization

- Prevention of disease

- Anti-aging and collagen production boost


Reach out to the Poppy Clinic! You don’t need a referral. We look forward to meeting you very soon! 


Get in touch with Dr. Navaz Habib: 

His website

Dr. Habib on Facebook

Dr. Navaz Habib on Instagram

His book: Activate Your Vagus Nerve


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