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Wild Medicine

Dec 31, 2019

Dr. Mallory Harris is a registered and regulated Naturopathic Doctor practicing individualized medicine within a multidisciplinary clinic and fitness centre located in Midtown Toronto. She is an expert in detoxification and fertility optimization and, in today's ́ episode, she will share great tools and knowledge about our relationship with the environment we inhabit, not only with regards to our living space but also the relationships and mindset we have. Dr. Harris talks about how it is possible to repattern our beliefs and thoughts in order to shift the way we respond to daily stressors.

Dr. Harris also shares in this amazing conversation, key concepts for body and home detoxification related to optimize fertilization.


Key Takeaways:

[5:37]  Dr. Mallory Harris talks about  how she became a naturopathic doctor and an expert in detoxification and fertility optimization.

[9:03] We are the products of our environment.

[9:35] Thought patterns, beliefs and responses to stress that we are exposed to early on in our lives shape our current responses.

[10:55] Dr. Harris presents the core of her program.

[12:18] In order to raise children with emotional intelligence and resilience, you first have to do the work yourself.

[13:37] Dr. Harris shares tools to build stronger emotional resiliency.

[15:20] Repatterning our brains to have different thoughts and beliefs in order to respond differently.

[16:40] Body and home detoxification.

[19:09] Dr. Harris explains why you should change your laundry detergent.

[19:34] The space you live in impacts your mental health.

[22:10] The importance of paying attention to the nutritional environment that we create for our bodies and gut microbiome. 

[24:54] Dr. Harris suggest the best plants to contribute to detoxify your air.

[25:36] Dr. Harris shares how she found she had endometriosis and the testing she had done.

[26:30] What is methylation?

[26:54] Nutrients you need to feed your liver with in order to help its optimal function.

[30:20] Learning to read the signs our bodies are giving us.

[32:20] Dr. Harris explains why including the topic of relationships in her program is important in the process of detoxification.

[36:49] Building boundaries and growing confidence to say “no” in order to protect yourself from toxic relationships.

[38:35] Dr. Harris shares a challenge that propelled her forward.

[39:45] What makes Dr. Harris rebellious?

[41:10] The intergenerational aspect applied to relationships and toxicity.

[43:07] Community and connection foster transformation.

[43:54] Rapid fire questions

[45:44] Dr. Harris talks about what her program offers to the community. 


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