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Wild Medicine

Dec 10, 2019

Lorri Fleming and Angie Stenback are the founders of The Womb, and their mission is to hold a sacred, loving space of nurturing, nourishing and inspiration, where women and families gather, a place where everyone is real.

These wonderful women have been enlightening the perinatal world for a long time and in this episode, they will share all about perinatal care, doula support, and integrative health as it relates to women’s health during the very special phase of conception, pregnancy and delivery.

Lorri and Angie will also share about their personal journeys and the wisdom of a doula.

Enjoy the first part of a deeply amazing conversation between Michelle, Lorri and Angie.


Key Takeaways:

[7:08] Lorri Fleming and Angie Stenback talk about how they became the owners of The Womb.

[15:59] Lorri and Angie explain what The Womb is all about and how they are supporting families to thrive in this very vulnerable and special moment. 

[17:42] The womb as a place for origin, development and growth.

[19:40] The Womb becoming a franchise.

[22:00] No one should feel alone, that’s the purpose of a community.

[25:30] Give yourself permission to feel pain and not suffer from it, knowing you will be able to cope with it.

[28:26] What is the purpose of having a doula?

[30:01] What kind of birth does your baby want?

[30:35] Trauma in childbirth is almost becoming an epidemic.

[31:30] When families feel empowered and confident in the decisions they made, trauma is reduced.

[34:39] The importance of normalizing the birth experience and sharing it.

[37:00] Doulas work with health care providers.

[38:32] Doulas support the postpartum process.

[39:42] When a woman in labor says “I can’t do it anymore” and a doula replies “You are doing it!”.

[41:06] Tips from a doula to every woman going through pregnancy.

[44:00] The many roles of a postnatal doula.

[49:22] The challenge of tapping into women’s intuition in a culture overloaded with information and knowledge.

[50:54] A perceived failure that Lorri and Angie feel propelled them forward.

[56:44] Who are Lorri and Angie’s mentors?

[59:02] What makes Lorri and Angie rebellious?

[1:01:28] Rapid fire questions.


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