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Wild Medicine

Dec 4, 2018

Erica Robinson is a Naturopathic Medicine graduate that became interested in this field of medicine after solving her own health problems with this approach. She became fascinated by hormones and weight loss later on in her life, and she has been dedicating her time in this area, leading a program that today has a 100% success rate using HCG protocol.

Listen to this episode to find out how hormones influence weight loss, how leptin resistance work, what dry fasting is about, and how to achieve hormone healing. Erica explains in detail how the divine masculinity and femininity live in women and men nowadays, and the connection that the balance or unbalance between these energies can affect the hormone function. An inspiring conversation, focusing on the wisdom of the heart and the connection to our health as a whole.


Key Takeaways:

[3:20] Erica’s story.

[6:19] Erica’s current work in women’s hormones.

[9:10] Online program.

[11:19] Reliable program with 100% success rate.

[15:40] HCG protocol, diet to treat hormonal issues and weight loss.

[18:03] Risks for thyroid health.

[20:41] Leptin resistance, leptin is the hormone that tells you that you are full.

[21:12] Signs of leptin resistance.

[23:06] Functional tests.

[24:16] Dry fasting.

[25:58] Gain weight to heal hormones.

[28:30] Perverse eating.

[30:55] Hormonal benefits after eating uncontrolled and purposeful to gain weight.

[34:04] How does dry fasting affects your intuitive self?

[35:31] What drives Erica to share so much of her life online?

[37:28] Being selective with women that want to join the program.

[40:05] Don’t be afraid of showing up!

[41:45] Share only what you feel comfortable sharing.

[42:16] Tapping into your divine feminine and masculine energies.

[43:35] Shutting off the brain and paying attention to the heart.

[44:28] For women, acting too much according to their divine masculinity can have an effect on hormones.

[45:52] Reclaiming a balance in our femininity.

[48:02] Rapid fire questions!


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