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Wild Medicine

Jan 24, 2023

Who is a Wild Woman? How did this movement start? 

Great Question. 

This week on WILD MEDICINE Dr. Peris shares with you a deep dive of the evolution of the Wild Collective and gets granular about who the Wild Collective attracts, and more powerfully, what kind of women it helps shape.  

Today she discusses how deeply fascinated by what was being called the divine feminine and the intoxicating concept of a wild woman. 

She teaches us that by prioritizing 3 very crucial things in your life; you will truly be able to step into your own power and navigate through your own life, on your own terms and designs.

As a bonus, Dr. Peris buckles down and identifies the Wild Women Archetypes, how they define our narrative, create acute awareness and allow us to reclaim our intuitive nature. 

Which one will you be?