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Wild Medicine

Mar 28, 2023

This week on Wild Medicine, Dr. Peris welcomes Dr. Kate Hazlitt ND.

Tune in as they provide insight into managing and regulating your nervous system and provide a pathway:

From burnout to bliss

Through her training and years of experience, Dr. Kazlitt has learned to take it right back to see this bird's eye view of what's happening in someone's internal experience that their body is then manifesting externally.

Dr. Hazlitt’s perspective and thoroughness and articulation of dysregulation is cutting edge. 

Learn about authenticity and attachment, and how these primal human needs impact how we move through trauma and healing. 

This episode covers becoming more harmonious, unpacking trauma, co-regulating, and how we can learn to regulate when emotions are coursing through our bodies.  

We are triggered and activated when we navigate new behaviours and environments. 

Listen in and give yourself grace, and know the importance of self compassion while navigating uncharted waters. 

Journey with these amazing ND’s, towards healing and optimal health, and stepping into unknown parts of ourselves as we balance and gain clarity on achieving harmony. 

Journey home to your true self. 


To connect with Kate, you can find her on Instagram @drkatehazlittnd and via her website

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